The simplicity of collaboration with Zoom

We have added Zoom into our overall ranking and it secured rank number 2 with 95.4%. Zoom offers a broad range of advanced functionality that allows it to compete directly with our highest ranked tool, Citrix GoToMeeting. Continue reading

Professional Tool Testing Discontinuation

In order to deliver accurate and up to date test results we have to discontinue testing tools that no longer meet our selection criteria for one or more reasons.

The following tools have been discontinued in April 2016:

  • Microsoft NetMeeting
  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting
  • Voxwire
  • Vyew
  • MegaMeeting
  • GatherPlace
  • AT&T Connect
  • Intercall Unified Meeting
  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • iVocalize
  • iLinc for meetings
  • SMART Bridgit
  • InstantPresenter

As a reminder, the criteria used to selected web conferencing and webinar applications can be found here.

Going Pro with AnyMeeting

We have added AnyMeeting Pro into our overall ranking. Compared to AnyMeeting’s free version, Pro offers only slightly more advanced functionality. Meeting recording & hosting and in-meeting file sharing are only available in the pro version. Overall both of AnyMeeting’s web conferencing solutions compete with our higher ranked tools. Continue reading

Adobe Connect 9.2 – continuing to improve the meeting experience

With a heavy emphasis on creating a better web conferencing experience for participants, Adobe Connect 9.2 introduces a new mode to display video conferencing.

The new “Filmstrip” mode allows individual users to focus on the main speaker of the session while still being able to see everyone else who is sharing their webcam feeds – consisting of a main video and strip video. A big benefit for this new mode is it reduces bandwidth and computing requirements for participants. Continue reading

We added new feature comparisons to our Online Meeting Software Review website

We recently tweaked the structure of and have added new functionality comparison tables to the site – which you can find under the menu item Functional comparisons. This new setup allows our visitors to compare online meeting tools on a single page and get a side-by-side overview of solutions that offer the functionality they are most interested in. Continue reading

GoToMeeting 6.0 doesn’t extend Citrix’s lead

Announced as the most prominent new addition in version 6.0, GoToMeeting introduces a labs menu in the Control Panel that allows you to use several new features:

  • Video sharing – allows you to share videos much quicker and stream audio at the same time.
  • Profile pictures – allows you to become more familiar with who you talk to without video conferencing.
  • Allow pane undocking – more suited for power users as it gives them more of a customized control.
  • Allow sharing a rectangle – allows you to share a specific part of your screen. Do you use an iPad reflector app, but do not want people to know?
  • Show control panel to attendees – allows you to demonstrate how to navigate your control panel.

The Labs menu came to be due to customer’s interests; Citrix listened to feedback and added the functionality. Continue reading

Adobe Connect 9.1 – better control over your audio conferencing

Adobe Connect released over 20 new features in their latest version, 9.1. The majority of these new features focus on enhancing the users’ ability to better manage audio conferencing from within Connect, since technically the audio is provided from Adobe partners like Intercall, PGi, and MeetingOne.

In essence: they strive for a tight integration with audio conferencing services. However, compared to other vendors who have phone conferences seamlessly built into their online meeting platform (like Citrix), this won’t give them a competitive edge, but at most help them to make up leeway. Continue reading

WebRTC at a Glance

Glance recently introduced a new version that allows for up to 100 participants to connect instantly, without download. Flash and Java are no longer a requirement to join a meeting with Glance. This is Glance’s first introduction of WebRTC, as it is a standard for browser-based “no install” online meetings.

This offers convenience for people interested in solely viewing their host’s screen and is useful in small webinar scenarios. Continue reading