Cisco WebEx Meeting Center 8.5 skyrockets to number two

After Cisco had announced to no longer offer new WebEx MeetMeNow subscriptions, we evaluated their online meeting solution WebEx Meeting Center, which is now available in version 8.5. This tool offers a broad variety of functions and can thus be applied in numerous cases. However, by offering more features the complexity of the tool has grown as well and makes usage less simple and intuitive.


  1. Interesting. Vendor Independent? Is it a coincidence that is owned by Publicare Marketing, Whose customers include Citrix Conferencing (oh by the way #1 on your evaluation)? A coincidence your company also uses Gotomeeting?

    Hardly an "independent" review.

  2. We do provide services to Citrix, that is correct. However, besides affiliating through Commission Junction we don't have any commercial relationship with Citrix Online, the Citrix business unit that runs the GoTo-products.

    The first online conferencing solution we at Publicare utilized – as paying customers – in 2003 was GoToMyPC, which was developed and marketed by Expertcity. The company was later acquired by Citrix, who naturally kept further developing the online meeting solutions. So actually, we saw our currently used online meeting service as the best before Citrix even got wind of it.

    And if this still seems fishy to you, then just consider the following: If you put a huge amount of time and energy into testing various online meeting tools, wouldn't you be using the tool you evaluate as best rather than going with another service you are not entirely convinced of?

    WebEx – no doubt the biggest player in the game of online conferencing – offers more features than GoToMeeting, but in this case the more is NOT the better. GoToMeeting’s smart combination of less features increases the user friendliness and general handling of the tool. If we find another solution to be far better than GoToMeeting, we will consider using that service ourselves in the future. I'll check with Citrix, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind 😉

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