Just a little something to think about

Take a look at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference and the politicians that participate. They arrive in their private planes, are then brought to their hotels in huge, non solar-powered limos, and then get together for one and a half weeks to save the world’s climate. At least that is the plan. In reality this little get-together produces just as much carbon dioxide as a town the size of Middlesbrough, according to the British Telegraph. To pass the resolutions that are to be expected, the world’s leaders could have utilized more effective ways, saving money, time, and carbon emissions.

Granted, online conferences will not save the world, still, the idea to get the leaders of the world together in one great web conference is kind of intriguing.

drop.io is a nice tool – only not for advanced online meeting purposes

drop.io is attracting a lot of attention and is being used by many for various purposes. Usage is free, the tool has an integrated FTP-server, and enables adhoc data transfer. Firefox even provides an add-on „Drag & Drop.io“ which is already available in version 2.0.1.

Why then did we only rank it number 24? Well true, you can easily implement the tool and then exchange data with little effort, but drop.io doesn’t offer the complete package we expect from a good online conferencing solution.

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