User-friendliness of web conferencing tools

As is clearly visible in our evaluations of online meeting solutions, user-friendliness weighs in heavily. And for good reason too, because if you want to present information online or have a virtual team-meeting you can’t waste time trying to figure out how to get a specific gadget to work. Meeting organizers and participants need easy-to-use software to operate quickly and smoothly.

User-friendliness does not mean – at least for us – hoarding functionalities in one tool. We favor the less-is-more approach to web conferencing. Packing loads of functionalities into one tool may make for a powerful software, but it takes time and effort to learn to operate it properly (e.g. WebEx). Splitting services into multiple tools with only a limited number of features gives the user an easy-to-use solution for his requirements (e.g. Citrix GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToAssist, GoToMyPC, and GoToTraining)

More details on our criteria for evaluation can be found on our homepage.


  1. You forgot Microsoft Live Meeting. This is probably the most user friendly of them all.

  2. Stephan Gosch - what makes LiveMeeting the most user friendly of all the Web Conferencing Tools available in today's market? What are your thoughts on WebEx, Unyte Meetings, GoToMeetings and Adobe Conenct?

  3. Actually, I haven't seen an easy to use system yet. An audio, web, video conference is just a meeting from a users perspective. It should be scheduled and executed the same.

    Using Outlook as a example, an easy to use system allows me to send a standard Meeting Notice (or Email) to my participants without having to remember phone numbers, passcodes, urls, etc. When my reminder pops, I open my appointment and monitor status of the call. At the appropriate time I click a button and start the web conference and get a call back from the audio bridge. I can dial out to participants from my Contacts list in Outlook (Wow, one list to maintain!!). After the call I can add participants to my Contact list. All without leaving Outlook.

    In the interest of full disclosure I must tell you that this is what we do at JCS Technologies. We have offered an Outlook addin since 2004 and are currently involved with serveral CSPs to fully integrate their products into Outlook.

  4. You guys may want to check out RHUB remote access appliance. It is an all-in-one unit that has secure web conferencing, remote assistance, remote access, and webinar in a single appliance. You get complete control over the remote desktop. The appliance is firewall-friendly and compatible with lock down systems. Remote reboot is possible, and automatic reconnection of the remote computer is established after reboot.

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