Information on third-party suppliers

We have now included information on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) service providers in our ranking, so that you have an overview of who offers a specific web conferencing solution next to the original vendor. Our motive behind this is simple: We want to make the web conferencing market as transparent as possible, and one key feature of transparency is to see who is connected to whom in what way.

And yes – you guessed it – our overview is far from being complete. Our powers are limited and we have to find our way through all the offers and vendors out there to come upon connections that are not always visible at first glance. That is why we are glad for every hint you can give us.

Now what exactly do the third-party suppliers offer? In most cases you will find that the offered solution is an older version of a specific web conferencing solution or a version with limited functionality. And the point of using such a partner version of an online conferencing tool is …? Well, lets just say you are a customer of a telecommunications provider listed in our ranking. Then you can simply integrate the offered web conferencing package into your already existing service bundle with the vendor in question.

You can find all the current affiliate information here. Just click on the “Partners” links on the right-hand side.

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