How we evaluate security of web conferencing solutions

As little as you want someone to read your letter labeled “classified” you certainly do not want anybody to have access to a presentation you are giving on your company’s new product release via web conferencing.

So security is an important issue when it comes to online collaboration, and the question is: Are the documents and the information I share transmitted securely? We have taken this issue into account from the very beginning. After analyzing the security issue again, we found that we can shift our evaluation criteria a bit.

So far we rated the security of a web conferencing tool by looking at the software-specific security features on a higher-ranking level and then the meeting-specific security features, counting them into the overall results at a 50% – 50% ratio. As our analysis has shown, online conferencing software itself is standardly very secure. It is the meeting specific security – often adjustable to a certain degree by the meeting host – that weighs in more heavily, which is why we now adopted a 30% – 70% ratio.

To give a concrete example this means that a 128 bit SSL encoding and a meeting specific ID increases a tool's security score.

Many thanks to all the users that have expressed their concerns regarding the security of web conferencing software. We always like to hear your comments on online collaboration, so please keep ‘em coming.

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