Why can’t you be like all the other tools? – Voxwire and its shortcomings

Voxwire is a basically good online conferencing solution. The user interface is very well-structured and all the basic functionalities are included. But during our tests we were disappointed. And here is why:

  • If you want to activate application sharing you have to install a software, which is a common practice. However, Voxwire demands that you close your browser after the installation, which means you have to leave the meeting and reenter again.
  • File sharing is not as easy as it sounds since the tool makes it hard for you find and understand the function.
  • After all our testing we still don’t know how a meeting can be ended. You can close your browser window, but the meeting continues.

Even though Voxwire shows a lot of promise the online collaboration tool seems reluctant to reveal its functionalities. The basis is good though, and we believe that the next version could greatly improve with some minor changes.

Read the whole evaluation.

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