Microsoft looses ground while GoMeetNow leaps into our top 5

We have done a lot of testing in the last couple of weeks including one of our top-5 old timers.

Every tool in our top 5 undergoes close scrutiny at regular intervals. They really have to earn it! Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 couldn’t cut it any more and has lost its top 5 ranking. The solution is still one of the better ones on the market, but the other vendors are not keeping idle and have made greater improvements to their software than Microsoft.

Fuze Meeting has improved its ranking. The new version 3.1 includes significant enhancements. A “remote desktop control” functionality has been added and the invitation process is a breeze.

RHUBS’s solution GoMeetNow has made the biggest jump in our ranking: From number 11 to number 4! This online collaboration tool offers a load of functionalities without cluttering the interface, and keeps usage easy and intuitive. And it runs on Windows and Mac. Really an impressive job by the developers.

Just as an aside: RHUB has developed the appliance TurboMeeting which is the base for its hosted web conferencing service RHUB GoMeetNow 4.2.

You can have a look at our ranking and detailed evaluations of the online conferencing tools here.


  1. It seems like it is about time that Netviewer nudged out GoTo Meeting for the top spot on this review site. Netviewer users are paying less than $40 a month in the US for 100 participants, and
    the company will be introducing a very powerful Webinar program in a few weeks. That leaves GoTo Meeting and the Citrix people holding the bag, with a higher charge for many fewer real-time participants and less-capable webcam support as well.

    Netviewer is setting the bar higher all the time, now that they are technically strong in the US. It is just a matter of doing the right marketing and getting the word out.

  2. Thank you! It is a honor to be named as one of the top 5.

    GoMeetNow is a web conferencing service powered by the TurboMeeting technology from RHUB Communications, which commits to broader real-time collaboration applications including web conferencing, remote support, and remote access.

    Best regards,

    John Mao, Ph.D.
    RHUB Communications

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