Yugma stays out! We just can’t take them back into our ranking.

In June 2009 we removed the online meeting solution Yugma from our ranking. Yugma had made it into the top 3. We made our decision to remove Yugma after we were notified of a planned company shut-down. Hearing that, we assumed that Yugma’s online meeting service would not be available on an ongoing basis.

We’ve been monitoring this issue and noticed that the Yugma website has remained up and running the whole time. Also, Yugma’s solutions are still available for tests or purchase in nearly unchanged format. So, were we wrong in our estimation 1 ½ years ago?

Take a look at Yugma.com and you will notice that the company’s site seems to have frozen since the announced shut-down: There are no new press releases, no support news, and only very few recent forum entries. A promo banner for “Yugma AV Beta” has been on the site for nine months now, under the category “coming soon”.

So we asked a former Yugma executive to fill us in on the situation. Here’s what he told us:

They are operating out of India largely, with a "storefront" in Minneapolis.

About the service ... you know that for Unified Conferencing type of services ... the biggest requirement is "Availability" and "Reliability". If you cannot guarantee uptime then no way will you be able to trust your mission-critical meetings on any service.

If a company does not have investments and runs out of India how can you guarantee international quality service? It's a chicken and egg problem. Which came first? How can you make new investments in technology, and invest in customer acquisition?

After a quick test this is what we currently can say about the online meeting services: Yugma’s solutions are still available and can be used. The server-infrastructure seems to remain intact. One of the newer forum entries points out that there are some problems when running the software on Windows Vista and Windows 7, so there definitely are still active users out there. However, we will not include Yugma in our ranking again: The reliability of the service remains too shaky for us to recommend it – with a clear conscience – as a web meeting software.

Putting all these objections aside for a moment: If we actually evaluated Yugma according to our testing criteria the solution would make its way directly back into the top 10 – this time as number 8, though.

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