Adobe Connect 8 makes it to the top 5 of web conferencing solutions

There is a lot happening on the online meeting market, which is now noticeable in our ranking! There is quite some commotion among the top 5. With Netviewer removed and vacating rank 2, Adobe has launched a new version and itself to rank 2.

The keyword that summarizes Adobe Connect 8 best is complexity. Adobe masters this by providing a large amount of features which can be easily arranged on the user interface, which itself can be adapted for every meeting.

Other improvements are the handling of meetings directly from the desktop client (needs to be installed) and the enhancement of the invitation functionality. The invitation process can now easily be integrated into Outlook or Lotus Notes.

Before using the online meeting solution the meeting host needs to make a trade-off decision between two basic options:
1) Install a couple of plugins and handle everything from the desktop;
2) Handle meetings with the online portal, which is a bit more complicated.

Altogether Adobe Connect 8 offers many positive new features and has become a true allrounder that can be used in any web conferencing scenario. Read all the details on the solution here.

ClickMeeting effortlessly becomes one of the ten best web conferencing solutions available

We usually don’t expect too much of a web conferencing solution when we run our initial tests, since most tools don’t live up to our standards. So finding a gem such as ClickMeeting is quite an exception.

The intuitive user interface and the overall user friendliness are a big plus. But ClickMeeting offers more than only good looks. Sharing content with attendees couldn’t be much easier, as this screenshot demonstrates:

ClickMeeting presentation options

ClickMeeting presentation options

ClickMeeting didn’t make it into the top 5, though, and that for a reason. You cannot switch mouse or keyboard control, so your options of truly collaborating are limited.

But still the whole package is very convincing, and ClickMeeting – previously not featured in our ranking – immediately jumps to number eight. Read our detailed evaluation of the tool here.

Netviewer removed from our ranking of web conferencing solutions

We mentioned a while back that Citrix was about to acquire Netviewer. Well, the plan was now put into action – and nobody was told. So what exactly happened?

Since today only features the Citrix products GoToMeeting and GoToAssist. That was to be expected eventually, but what is really surprising is the fact that we as test users didn’t receive communication of any kind on the transition. The least you could expect is a one-liner giving you a heads up.

Citrix and Netviewer officials gave us a statement today on how existing customers can continue to use the services. All current Netviewer customers can continue to utilize the online meeting solution without restrictions until their contract ends (2 years max).

The bottom line? The flow of information could have been a bit smoother. And since Netviewer is no longer available to new customers we have removed it from our ranking of online meeting solutions, where it was featured as number 2.

Skype and Citrix team up

Skype announced on March 1 that it will be entering a partnership with Citrix. The two big players are planning to integrate Citrix’ web conferencing technology into Skype.

At a first glance, Skype will profit from this move tremendously. The current Skype solution is good all-right, but not when it comes to web conferencing functionalities. We tested Skype at the end of last year and the results were pretty clear: Keeping in touch via video chat works well enough, but to do some serious online collaboration you are better off with other tools.

Now it seems as if this issue is to be history soon, since Skype will be making use of the well established Citrix technology. It will be interesting to see what the “Skype-version” of web conferencing will actually look like in the end, but it is very well possible that the tool will then also have a greater appeal for business users.