ClickMeeting effortlessly becomes one of the ten best web conferencing solutions available

We usually don’t expect too much of a web conferencing solution when we run our initial tests, since most tools don’t live up to our standards. So finding a gem such as ClickMeeting is quite an exception.

The intuitive user interface and the overall user friendliness are a big plus. But ClickMeeting offers more than only good looks. Sharing content with attendees couldn’t be much easier, as this screenshot demonstrates:

ClickMeeting presentation options

ClickMeeting presentation options

ClickMeeting didn’t make it into the top 5, though, and that for a reason. You cannot switch mouse or keyboard control, so your options of truly collaborating are limited.

But still the whole package is very convincing, and ClickMeeting – previously not featured in our ranking – immediately jumps to number eight. Read our detailed evaluation of the tool here.


  1. To be honest I love your posts. But it seems to be that you have made a minor mistake regarding the ranking of click meeting. In your post you write that the tool ranks on 9th position but in the overall ranking the tool ranksone position higher.

    Keep going in the future, I will read all of the stuff you post

  2. Thanks a lot for pointing out the mistake - and thanks for reading the blog so closely 🙂

    ClickMeeting of course is number 8, not 9.

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