Adobe Connect 8 makes it to the top 5 of web conferencing solutions

There is a lot happening on the online meeting market, which is now noticeable in our ranking! There is quite some commotion among the top 5. With Netviewer removed and vacating rank 2, Adobe has launched a new version and itself to rank 2.

The keyword that summarizes Adobe Connect 8 best is complexity. Adobe masters this by providing a large amount of features which can be easily arranged on the user interface, which itself can be adapted for every meeting.

Other improvements are the handling of meetings directly from the desktop client (needs to be installed) and the enhancement of the invitation functionality. The invitation process can now easily be integrated into Outlook or Lotus Notes.

Before using the online meeting solution the meeting host needs to make a trade-off decision between two basic options:
1) Install a couple of plugins and handle everything from the desktop;
2) Handle meetings with the online portal, which is a bit more complicated.

Altogether Adobe Connect 8 offers many positive new features and has become a true allrounder that can be used in any web conferencing scenario. Read all the details on the solution here.

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