Cisco WebEx Meetings introduces a file library – pain or gain?

The latest version of WebEx Meetings introduces new functionality such as being able to post comments in the meeting space and share meeting notes and recordings. Most prominently meeting hosts and attendees can now attach files to meetings and manage them in a file library.

This file library was the hottest topic of discussion during our tests and we are not sure if it benefits all WebEx users. The two basic usage scenarios are: 

1. All attendees and the meeting host are within their company’s IT infrastructure. Typically companies have their own document control systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, through which they can access their own data and which render the WebEx file library redundant.

2. Some attendees are outside the company’s IT infrastructure. Since external attendees often do not have access to other’s company data the WebEx file library allows them access to all materials discussed in an online meeting.

The new WebEx file library assigns uploaded documents to one specific online meeting and this might create further redundancies and efforts to synch the latest version of a document. Typically, a single document can be needed for different projects and thus different online meetings. So, at the end of the day one specific document could be on WebEx Meetings, SharePoint, and your hard drive and you could end up playing “find the latest version” more than you would like to.

In essence, the introduction of WebEx’ new file library goes against our basic rule that web conferencing tools need to be nice and slim and focus on the key online meeting functionalities; we would rather worry about distributing documents ourselves.


  1. Good information. Your feedback from both the Host, and the external attendee's perspective, is useful.

  2. Susan, thank you for the feedback. I am sure that as a WebEx Meetings expert you will come across this question of useful/not useful quite often. Keep us posted on how this feature works out for you.

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