Does your online meeting tool speak your language?

Let’s face it: if you are using an online meeting solution chances are you are not using it to conduct a meeting with your neighbor, but rather someone located somewhere far away on this planet. Business is international and we have all managed to agree on a language to communicate with. But still we enjoy it when a business partner or colleague tries himself or herself in our native language even if they hardly get the sentence out. So the question is: if we appreciate the effort of others to address us in our language, why don’t online meeting tools let us address invitees in their own languages?

Most online meeting solutions allow the meeting host to send invitations to participants in the language their tool is set to only. So if you prefer English your invitations go out in English and if you feel more comfortable with German and set the tool’s language accordingly, well… Most recipients will still be able to figure out which number in the invitation email is the access code and which number is the dial-in to the phone conference, however this is not ideal as you want to make your web conferencing experience as comfortable as possible.

We have taken a look at our top five ranked solutions; Citrix GoToMeeting 5.8, Mikogo 4.7 (BeamYourScreen), FastViewer Instant Meeting, TeamViewer 8, and ClickMeeting. In each of these solutions the communication output is always set to the language in the system setup.

Even though we rank technology on our site it is ultimately going to be humans using this technology and we humans just appreciate little things like that. So let’s see who will be the first to introduce this feature to the market.

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