WebRTC at a Glance

Glance recently introduced a new version that allows for up to 100 participants to connect instantly, without download. Flash and Java are no longer a requirement to join a meeting with Glance. This is Glance’s first introduction of WebRTC, as it is a standard for browser-based “no install” online meetings.

This offers convenience for people interested in solely viewing their host’s screen and is useful in small webinar scenarios. Although hosts are allowed to share their mouse and keyboard controls, they have no say in who exactly they give these rights to. If participants want to share their screen they will need to download Glance’s free application.

There have been no new developments to this application and limited functionality still remains. Glance continues to not roll out a few expected features, which acts as a surprise since they have now introduced WebRTC- a fairly modern approach. These features include Internet based voice over IP, video conferencing, and a meeting scheduler. Will any of these functionalities will make it to the top of Glance’s list when they plan for the roll out of their next version?

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