Adobe Connect 9.1 – better control over your audio conferencing

Adobe Connect released over 20 new features in their latest version, 9.1. The majority of these new features focus on enhancing the users’ ability to better manage audio conferencing from within Connect, since technically the audio is provided from Adobe partners like Intercall, PGi, and MeetingOne.

In essence: they strive for a tight integration with audio conferencing services. However, compared to other vendors who have phone conferences seamlessly built into their online meeting platform (like Citrix), this won’t give them a competitive edge, but at most help them to make up leeway.

The enhancements in Adobe Connect 9.1 allow meeting hosts to have access to all of their audio configuration settings. Users have four different options to enable audio communication with web conferencing: VoIP communication, advanced integrated telephony, Universal Voice, or hardware-assisted options. In addition to improving audio conferencing, Adobe Connect made small usability improvements. Included in these improvements are: active speaker indication, easier selection of the microphone and web camera, and wide screen video mode of 16:9 aspect ratio.

The changes between Adobe Connect 9.0 and 9.1 do not have a significant impact on our ranking; therefore they will continue to remain at number 8.

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