Adobe Connect 9.2 – continuing to improve the meeting experience

With a heavy emphasis on creating a better web conferencing experience for participants, Adobe Connect 9.2 introduces a new mode to display video conferencing.

The new “Filmstrip” mode allows individual users to focus on the main speaker of the session while still being able to see everyone else who is sharing their webcam feeds – consisting of a main video and strip video. A big benefit for this new mode is it reduces bandwidth and computing requirements for participants.

Also, the first-time user experience has been upgraded by a new welcome email, an intelligent first login process, and ability to change your password at first login.

With Adobe Connect’s continuous effort to make small usability improvements they added the ability for presenters to pause audio broadcast so participants in the meeting room can not hear presenters’ internal discussions. Other enhancements are the option to switch the video to full-screen display, and a recording start indication.

Although these changes do not have a significant impact on our ranking, Adobe Connect continues to advance its functionality – enabling it to compete with the top ranked tools.

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