BeamYourScreen leaps to number three

Cisco, RHUB and Microsoft – the web conferencing vendors ranked numbers three through five – will have to each step down a rank. BeamYourScreen, formerly ranked number seven, is now available for download in version 4 and brings many enhancements. Just as with the release of version 3 last year, when the tool climbed from rank 18 to 6, the developers once again have done a great job in actually improving the software.
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BeamYourScreen evaluation on hold

BeamYourScreen version 4 went live today as planned. However, we haven’t updated our ranking yet. We have tested the tool and formed our verdict but when we double checked the also new website today we noticed that there currently is no pricing info on display. We contacted BeamYourScreen and were told that the information will be included on the site shortly.

Since we regard openly available pricing information on vendors’ websites as a crucial point in our evaluations we will wait with updating our ranking until it is fully displayed on the BeamYourScreen site.

BeamYourScreen Version 4 coming out tomorrow

Along with other users we have been doing some beta testing of BeamYourScreen’s new version 4, which will be released tomorrow. You will find the software for download on BeamYourScreen’s then also new website.

Our tests have yielded results that will have an impact on our ranking of web conferencing solutions. As soon as the new version is out and running we will update the ranking accordingly.

Web conferencing booms due to flight restrictions – 58 percent more sessions than usual

The math is easy: With the decrease in air traffic, the traffic on the web conferencing vendors’ servers increases. We checked back with the providers of online collaboration software and got numbers from Adobe, BeamYourScreen, Citrix, Digitalmeeting, and Spreed. These vendors recorded an average increase of 58 percent in sessions held last Friday, in comparison to regular workdays.

Some providers are currently offering special rates due to the chaos. So you might want to check those out when searching for a way to avoid getting stuck at the airport on the way to a meeting…

BeamYourScreen makes a huge leap – from rank 18 to 6

Well done! After re-evaluating BeamYourScreen, which is now available in version 3.0, we found great improvements in ease of installation, structure, and security. The missing chat function is a big turnoff though. Still, if the overall trend is carried on with future developments, BeamYourScreen might very well find itself in our top 5 after the next evaluation.

Check out the complete test results here.