CrunchConnect – Good first impression, but can it deliver?

There’s a new online meeting tool out there and we were asked to take a look at it. CrunchConnect is a brand new solution and has recently been launched by SalesCrunch. Yes, you guessed it, the focus is on improving the online pitch and sales process.

A first glance at the website – and the video you are greeted with – reveals nothing revolutionary. There are some nice features though, like tracking the attendees’ clicks in your follow-up messages along with the time they spend reading the documentation the presenter sends around. This should give a salesperson a good indication of how interested the participants really are in the product that was presented.

One feature that stands out is the Ice Breaker. CrunchConnect shows every attendant’s local weather, time, and sports news. So while you are waiting for everyone to arrive you can chat and talk away. Now this is naturally not an essential feature and some participants would probably enjoy a bit of silence to work on some emails until the meeting begins…

So, while the CrunchConnect website does make a good first impression this doesn’t mean their web conferencing solution will do the same. The site features easily accessible pricing information and you can test a free version with limited range of functionalities. Seeing that these prerequisites are given we will check out the tool’s performance and post the results in our comparison of online meeting solutions.