With sococo you can build an entire virtual office

The web conferencing solution sococo is still being completed and has yet to be released as version 1.0. However, it can already be downloaded free of charge.

So, what does this software do? Well, not quite what we are looking for in an online collaboration tool, the main restriction being that it can only be used for collaboration within an organization.

Still it has some very neat features and we like the approach. You can create virtual offices and meeting rooms and see on a map of that virtual office who is currently in a meeting with whom. There is a chat functionality and screen sharing is also possible. The user interface is very straight forward, which means great ease of use.

Because of the exclusively internal usage scenario we will not evaluate the software in detail. If you want to find out more you can go to the vendor’s website and have a look at the how-to videos or download the free version and just try it out yourself.

Dimdim 5.5 boasts a number of useful enhancements

A new release can actually bring improvements. Dimdim’s ease of use has really been spiced up. Screen sharing is now possible with a single mouse click. Ad hoc invitations via mail or chat are also effortless, all it takes is a little plug-in that needs to be installed locally.

A meeting-independent URL is another new feature which didn’t convince us, though. It does allow attendees to quickly join meetings, but the host has less control over who is actually attending. The new “action” buttons that have been included on Dimdim’s online portal are also a wee bit too large, but hey, they do get your attention.

More about Dimdim here.