We added new feature comparisons to our Online Meeting Software Review website

We recently tweaked the structure of webconferencing-test.com and have added new functionality comparison tables to the site – which you can find under the menu item Functional comparisons. This new setup allows our visitors to compare online meeting tools on a single page and get a side-by-side overview of solutions that offer the functionality they are most interested in. Continue reading

Online Meeting Tools Review alters website structure and includes ranking of web conferencing apps for mobile devices

On webconferencing-test.com we feature a direct comparison of the top 5 tools, split into our numerous evaluation criteria to offer a direct comparison between the best online meeting solutions on the market. Now, the top 5 additionally each have their own site with all evaluation criteria and detailed explanation of the results displayed at a glance. That means you can decide which focus is more important to you and then study the direct comparison or our detailed analysis.

And we added a feature. We have been testing web conferencing on mobile devices for quite some time now and decided it is time to add our findings to the site. That is why you will now find an additional link in the menu called Tablet & Smartphone support that indicates which mobile devices support web conferencing apps.

In the Web conferencing on mobile devices category of our blog we have posted the findings from several of our tests. When we began our research and analysis of mobile web conferencing apps we initially checked with the vendors to find out who claims to offer the means for mobile online collaboration. After gathering the initial input from the vendors we then tested the apps for ourselves to see if the tools deliver what the vendors promise.

So Ken Molay is a bit off in his Webinar Blog when suggesting that we rely on vendor information alone. But thank you for raising this issue Ken, we certainly could have communicated that more clearly in this case.