omNovia upgrades its features and earns a higher score

Since our last rating in May omNovia has enhanced its range of features and also increased user friendliness by providing straightforward access to the already existing features.

The tool now rates at a 7.3 of 10. Main areas of improvement were the number of features, the simplified set-up of meetings, and security.

Although we found an overall improvement to omNovia there are still a few soft spots that pull the score down. The omNovia Event Manager e.g. allows you to set up meetings all right, however it is a bit formal and tedious when you want to informally invite your colleagues.

All in all omNovia has upgraded in key areas leaving room for further improvement.


  1. You can email directly from within the room to invite attendees for informal meetings, or for a company wide solution, you can use their IM product to instantly connect with those individuals you want to meet with.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. You are correct on both issues. We have altered our results page accordingly and will have the changes live soon.

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