Why we won’t evaluate Communique

We have been asked to evaluate Communique’s web conferencing solution. Communique does offer web conferencing solutions – developed by other providers. More specifically: Microsoft’s Office Live Meeting 2007 and WebEx. These solutions are both already included in our ranking. And since Communique doesn’t offer a distinct solution for online collaboration we will not evaluate the company’s services.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro ranks number 7

With Acrobat Connect Pro, Adobe offers a web conferencing solution that does not need to fear comparison with big players such as GoToMeeting or WebEx Meeting Center. The overall handling of this software is easy and intuitive. The drawback is that essential features, e.g. transferal of mouse or keyboard control during meetings, are not included. Without these features Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro only ranks number 7.

If you want to check out Adobe’s online collaboration tools you can start out with the free Adobe Connect Now.