We have a new number two!

Netviewer Meet is now available in version 6.0 and has beaten WebEx Meeting Center 8.5 to the second place.

Previously the number three in our ranking, Netviewer Meet has improved its features, especially regarding security. The setup of online meetings is now also easier to handle so that the overall user experience definitely has been enhanced.

Read the detailed evaluation here.


  1. Netviewer deserves a correction to your comment about its pricing. A little investigation reveals that US customers are not subject to VAT charges, which makes it nearly equal (by less than a dollar) to the price for GoToMeeting. Its enhancements and improved security, ease of use, and additional features, including 100 attendees in a session easily put it ahead of all the competitors. GoToMeeting's price is $49 a month in the US for up to 15 attendees. The price for GoToWebinar is $99 a month for up to 100 attendees. You should get your facts straight and correct this, if you are truly vendor independent.

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