Stranded in Europe and scheduled for a meeting? – Just take the meeting online with web conferencing

Business travellers will have to be very patient this weekend. Flights will be cancelled at least until Saturday morning and even then no one seems to know when the situation will normalize itself. The volcano is still active...

The bright side of this chaos: If you have a meeting scheduled you do not have to miss out on it and perhaps let a good opportunity go. Simply invite your contacts to a web conference and make sure that your business does not suffer due to the situation. Check out our evaluation of  online collaboration tools and find the solution that suits your meeting requirements best.

Good look with your further travel plans - and your online meetings.


  1. First off, may I congratulate you on a great site. I am starting a training business which may be based on one for the web conferencing programs you have reviewed. I have also looked into GoToTraining by Citrix which was launched in Feb' this year. Have you had a look at this porgram and if so I would be interested in your opinion.

    I believe that these types of programs are under used for training. My initial offerings will be for the MSOffice programs. Target sector will be both the general public and small business.

    If you know of any other programs which would suite web based training then I would be interested.

  2. Thank's for the compliment. We haven't tested GoToTraining simply because it is not in our focus. We really concentrate on online meetings. So its more the two-way communication we look at instead of the one-way experience you get in a typical teaching/training environment.

    Although, a lot of the tools we evaluated can also be used for training purposes, giving you the chance to interact with your contacts, share desktops, or have other attendees mark documents you provide. Just go and check out the trial versions offered by the different vendors. You are very likely to find a tool suitable to your needs there.

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