Upgrade for Yugma Free web conferencing users

Looking at Yugma’s website today, it is still hard to tell if anything is happening or not. True, the date in the copyright has been changed to 2011, but otherwise there is not much going on if you check out the forums or the news section. And yet, the lights don’t seem to have gone out completely since we just received an email notifying us – as free users – of a change in policy that went into effect on January 4.

As of January 4th Yugma Free users will be able to have unlimited meeting per day. Users will be limited to 15 minutes of use per meeting but will otherwise be able to enjoy Yugma P2 functionality.

As an explanation, P2 is Yugma’s Premium package, the number indicating how many attendees may join the host in an online meeting. Now we were not quite sure if Yugma simply wants to make a minor change sound really good in their email, and if the aim is to get long-time Free users to upgrade to Premium.

If the website contains current information the statement in the email is not altogether true, since the website states that ”Yugma Webinar registration & Data Tracking” is not available in the Free version. There would also remain a difference in “Technical Support / Customer Service” since email and phone service is only available to Premium users (Yugma’s web conferencing features).

If the website contains old information the email is merely a PR effort since there really are no major differences between Free and Premium, except for the number of meetings per day. And granting Free users an unlimited amount of 15-minute-meetings a day is a rather questionable improvement, since how often have you been able to wrap up an entire meeting in 15 minutes?

We did gain insight to the fact that Yugma still seems to be actively providing their services. However, the quality of service and support remains uncertain, which is why we will stick to our decision of not including Yugma in our ranking of web conferencing solutions.

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