Alternative web conferencing solutions to Dimdim

With the acquisition of Dimdim and the termination of services by March 15, pushes users to make a quick decision about which tool to select as a replacement for future web conferences.

When looking for a substitution you have to ask yourself which features of an online meeting solution are most important to you. We compared Dimdim to all its competitors we listed in our ranking taking into account the following three criteria users might look for:

- range of functionalities,
- similar user interface,
- browser based vs. desktop based.

Especially the last criterion is interesting in this case. Dimdim allowed you to access your meeting through your browser and upload data into a virtual room to share it with others. But sharing your entire desktop was also possible and only required the download and installation of an additional app.

So if you prefer the browser-based approach, the tools that are the closest to what Dimdim offered are Adobe Connect 8, Fuze Meeting, or If you prefer the desktop-based model, which we personally do, we suggest you have a look at the top 5 tools in our comparison.

Of course, users will not be able to get an identical tool and take over where they left off. So why not use this as an opportunity to perhaps select a completely different service.

And we’re not necessarily talking about higher cost as a given, although quality does have its price and free solutions seem to be struggling on the market as Dimdim and Yugma have impressively demonstrated. All pros and cons of the different online collaboration solutions available are included on our site.


  1. Hi,

    If you like the browser-based approach I suggest to you a very good solution: Teleskill Live. It allows sharing your entire desktop without the download and installation of an additional app.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Since BigBlueButton is not offered as an application service (SaaS) it does not meet one of our essential criteria in an online meeting solution.

  3. Try RHUB for best web conferencing services for a one-time investment. It requires no downloads and supports video & audio conferencing.

  4. Banckle Online Meeting is another perfect DimDim alternative and offers the same set of web and video conferencing, webinars and documents + screen sharing features. Users can evaluate it for 1 complete year without paying a single penny.

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