BeamYourScreen leaps to number three

Cisco, RHUB and Microsoft – the web conferencing vendors ranked numbers three through five – will have to each step down a rank. BeamYourScreen, formerly ranked number seven, is now available for download in version 4 and brings many enhancements. Just as with the release of version 3 last year, when the tool climbed from rank 18 to 6, the developers once again have done a great job in actually improving the software.

Version 4 of BeamYourScreen comes in an all new layout which is nice and lean and makes for intuitive usage. Users can also adapt the range of functionalities for every single meeting. What we weren’t too exited about is the minimum 12 month contract duration. There are other small disadvantages, too but overall the web conferencing solution has been greatly improved and thus only stops short of knocking Citrix GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect 8 from numbers one and two.

If you decide to try out the new version of BeamYourScreen let us know what you think of it and post your experiences.

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