Wait a minute. Is this really ClickMeeting?

You know this feeling: You are sitting somewhere and your eyes wander back to one and the same person and all of a sudden you realize ‘hey, he looks exactly like …’. Well, we had that exact same feeling when we tested ClickMeeting. We were checking out the new video functionality and all of a sudden we realized ‘hey, this looks exactly like Adobe Connect’!

Well it sure does. ClickMeeting is pretty much an exact copy of Adobe Connect 8. And ClickMeeting is a good copy, too. One of our testers found it a bit complex but really the functionalities offered can be arranged on the screen nicely to make sure participants are not left confused by the various little screens you can use. The new video functionality worked really well, too. The single webcams were resizable and video quality was also good.

But there is a reason why ClickMeeting ranks lower than Adobe Connect 8. Unlike with Adobe Connect 8 there is no Outlook integration for ClickMeeting hosts. The missing of marking tools in screen sharing mode also makes you aware that ClickMeeting currently doesn’t offer what online meeting participants should be able to take for granted. Therefore we cannot rank the tool higher than number 9.

One comment

  1. As a demanding client and a regular webinars organizer, I aim to be fully up to date with the latest trends and audience preferences when it comes to online presentations. Since I swapped GoToMeeting in favor of ClickMeeting, I haven't received any complaints from my guests. They love the fact it's a browser-based tool, so they don't have to be bothered with installation software. YouTube integration tends to be one of their favorite features too. All that combined leaves me wondering why this tool is ranked so low among the others?

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