NetMeeting reaches end of life

Many companies currently still use NetMeeting. However, the tool’s shortcomings make it very inconvenient for continued usage which is why those companies are now on the lookout for an alternative web conferencing solution.

Incompatibility with Microsoft Office 2010 is only the last of issues that have made usage of NetMeeting quite tedious. If an online collaboration tool does not allow you to demonstrate a simple PowerPoint presentation there is something seriously wrong.

The whole issue started a while back when Microsoft decided to no longer support NetMeeting with the release of Windows Vista – NetMeeting had been a part of the Windows OS since Windows 95. After Vista came out companies using NetMeeting found workarounds to keep the tool running but now even those solutions will no longer work.

Why did NetMeeting become so popular in the first place one might ask. Well… it was there. Simple as that. Since it was integrated in Microsoft’s OS companies made use of it for their internal online collaboration even though the tool never really was good. So the end of life offers a twofold opportunity for current NetMeeting users:

  • Companies can select an online meeting solution that enables collaboration to go beyond the firewall and allows for meetings with external participants without compromising security.
  • Prospective tools can be evaluated for the exact functionalities needed to guarantee ease-of-use.

Online collaboration tools come in many colors and it is essential to look at the basics before purchasing a specific solution. Would a unified communication solution such as Lync be best or rather a standalone solution such as LiveMeeting? And then of course there is the question of hosted vs. on-premise.

With its demise NetMeeting poses some serious challenges to the companies that use it. On our site you can read about the different approaches the vendors of web conferencing solutions take.

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