What’s new with Fuze, omNovia, and Brother online meeting software?

We recently updated our reviews for Fuze Meeting, omNovia Web Conference, and Brother OmniJoin; finding improvements within all three.

Fuze Meeting, best for online presentations and virtual collaboration, introduced a presenting/speaking now indication and a US toll dial in number. The presenting now and speaking now indication allows you to see who is presenting and/or talking at any given time. Other new features include video recording and participant auto-accept scheduling option. Fuze jumped up one spot in our ranking to number 16.

omNovia Web Conference, best for webinars, introduced a set of APIs integration with marketing automation tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce.com, and Marketo. This type of integration allows you to track attendees’ participation habits in real-time to then take appropriate follow-up actions. Other new features include the presence manager, Q&A manager, AV remote control, and layout manager. omNovia jumped up one spot in our ranking to number 18.

Brother OmniJoin, good for different online scenarios, introduced an iOS application, providing users host and participant capabilities. With this iOS application the host gets the full experience and attendees can join for free. Another new feature is the Intelligent Video, which scales from low resolutions to HD 1080p. OmniJoin continues to be ranked at number 14.

Many of these features are what we consider to be nice-to-have and they contribute to these tools becoming more comprehensive overall. However, since we do not consider these features to be essential to online collaboration they will not affect our rankings.

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