GoToMeeting 6.0 doesn’t extend Citrix’s lead

Announced as the most prominent new addition in version 6.0, GoToMeeting introduces a labs menu in the Control Panel that allows you to use several new features:

  • Video sharing – allows you to share videos much quicker and stream audio at the same time.
  • Profile pictures – allows you to become more familiar with who you talk to without video conferencing.
  • Allow pane undocking – more suited for power users as it gives them more of a customized control.
  • Allow sharing a rectangle – allows you to share a specific part of your screen. Do you use an iPad reflector app, but do not want people to know?
  • Show control panel to attendees – allows you to demonstrate how to navigate your control panel.

The Labs menu came to be due to customer’s interests; Citrix listened to feedback and added the functionality. They wanted to expose the features they are currently developing to get them in front of customers earlier, creating a test environment. Based on what users have to say about the features, they may or may not include the features in the next version.

Four of the five lab menu features only work when using Windows. It seems as though they continue to grow Windows functionality, but are still missing some basic features for Mac. When we asked Citrix the reason for this they said by early this year we should see the release of drawing tools and application-specific sharing for Mac.

We are somewhat disappointed that the best-in-class online meeting solution does not continue to show real improvements. While they continue to provide the best overall usability in the market, they don’t continue to raise the bar. For example, with version 6 the option to select from different languages when sending a meeting invitation is still missing. Similarly, you are still not able to flexibly select your application interface language – as it is tied to language settings of the underlying operating system. This may create confusion, for example, when the presenter wants to show their control panel to attendees – yet some attendees are not familiar with the language of the presenter’s operating system.

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