Wait a minute. Is this really ClickMeeting?

You know this feeling: You are sitting somewhere and your eyes wander back to one and the same person and all of a sudden you realize ‘hey, he looks exactly like …’. Well, we had that exact same feeling when we tested ClickMeeting. We were checking out the new video functionality and all of a sudden we realized ‘hey, this looks exactly like Adobe Connect’!
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ISL Groop doesn’t make it into our ranking

The web conferencing solution ISL Groop failed in our first round of testing and will not be considered for detailed evaluation. The tool simply doesn’t perform in key areas when we apply our evaluation criteria.

Web conferences are set up in the online portal, which cannot be connected to a local email client. So the host must copy the email addresses of the attendees into the mail, which also does not contain an automated Outlook invitation. So in addition to not being able to effortlessly send an invitation to all attendees, the host cannot keep track whom he has invited – paper and pencil are not really an option.

ISL Groop only runs on Windows. For every meeting the tool creates a meeting-specific .exe-file, which means that the host must download and install anew for every meeting.

So really, there are many downsides to ISL Groop. If any updates are implemented we will go back and check again. But until that happens the solution will not be included in our comparison of online meeting tools.